Thursday, January 13, 2011

What's metallic green, French in origin and unavailable till February?

Whether it be J-Lo and her long term relationship with bronzer and a nude lip, Olivia Palermo’s perpetually perfect EVERYTHING or Taylor Momsen’s heavy-handed black eyeliner, most gals have a signature beauty look they’re famous for within their circle. My own title would probably be something along the lines of, oh I don’t know, the Nail Polish Queen. This is something I am a tad OCD about, sometimes changing the colour up to three times per week (I know).
Luckily for me, 2010 was a stand out year for nails; from dove greys, to the taupe/beige days to metallic gold, however no trend was so widely embraced as Chanel’s powder blue hue, Riva. Since the models were sent down the runway at the Cruise 2010/11 show with pale blue painted talons, there have been dozens of imitations available. At one point you couldn’t walk into a bar in Brisbane or Sydney without knocking over three balayage haired, YSL Arty Oval Ring wearing babettes donning blue nails. For this Mr Karl Lagerfeld, we thank you.

My brighter, turquoise-y take on the trend with Orly Gumdrop (from the Sweet Collection) RRP: $18.95
Chanel has undeniably stepped over the traditional nail brands (in its stacked clogs) to take the crown of Trendsetter For Polishes, with its latest “IT” colour being unveiled at the Spring/Summer 2011 show. With its almost inky black, gun metal/pearly green hue, I have no doubt Chanel’s Black Pearl and its counterfeit cousins will be massive in 2011.

Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour in Black Pearl RRP: $40.
For those of you who can’t wait till this gem hits stores on the 20th of February, I’ve compiled a list of cheap affordable yet still adorable fakes.
Chi Chi  - Show Me The Money $4.95
OPI  - Here Today… Aragon Tomorrow $19.95
Sally Hansen – Gunmetal $6.95
Butter – British Racing Green $22.00
I busted out the Chi Chi option on New Year’s Eve to mixed reviews. What do you think beauties? Will you be rocking deep, inky green nails anytime soon?