Wednesday, February 2, 2011

“We are the weirdos Mr.”

A pale base coupled with heavy black eyeliner is the trademark of any self respecting goth-girl. Multiple piercings and an inclination for categorising blood as a food group won’t hurt the image either. Just joshin’! After all, it’s those kinds of negative assumptions that kept the idea of "goth" as a fashionable and inspirational concept out of the mainstream beauty/fashion world for so long. My first inkling that the goth look may not be so freaky but actually, dare I say, sexy-with-a-hint-of-mystery was watching the 1996 teen hit The Craft at a year seven sleepover. Those Craft gals sure did a favour for the hotness factor of witches everywhere.

Bonnie, Nancy, Sarah and Rochelle - The Craft

A more modern interpretation of this style has been revived and revamped (ha) in recent years thanks to our good friends from Forks and thousands of teenage girls all over the globe. As a result of having a Ukrainian father and Australian mother, I have the type of olive skin that when kept away from the sun’s ageing rays goes a weird yellowy colour instead of a creamy, delicate white. This said, the goth look has never really been my cup of tea (I prefer T2’s French Early Grey) however when embraced with a modern centre part, black colour palate broken up with rich blues , fiery reds and thick face-framing brows I am ALL for it. Would you just look at these bad-ass babettes below, what minxes!  

Images courtesy of Oracle Fox

If you are interested in giving this style a whirl and trying an eyeliner that will not only stay put all day, but have you looking all come-hithery, then you must try MAC’s Eye Kohl in ‘Smolder’. This soft kohl pencil is ideal for doing your waterline, and will really make your eyes pop no matter if you have baby blues or dark and stormy browns. Now, just to be clear, “waterlining” is when you apply liner to your inner lash line. This is achieved by gently pulling down the bottom eye lid and lining in that damp, fleshy bit between the lashes and the eyeball – sounds gross but has the effect of giving you sultry eyes like Mila Kunis.

MAC Eye Kohl in Smolder, available from Myer RRP: $32.00

Mila at this week’s SAG Awards, image courtesy of Primped

Note: Parlour and Loot was ecstatic to find out that Mila Kunis is Ukrainian! Totally going to claim this and try find out if we are distantly related. I kid, I kid. Well sort of …