Monday, August 22, 2011

khaki nails and cool cats

Gosh today has been an utter drag! I know it's bad blog manners to start off on such a negative note BUT please indulge me a little and allow me to point out a few reasons why many of us dread the start of the work week.
1.   Mondays will often bring PERFECT WEATHER with them, which makes being in an office seem extra bleak and cause one to have a “why am I working for a massive corporation and not being more liberal/creative/unconventional in my career path?” moment. OR it will be pouring rain with a chilly wind thrown in for good measure which makes it unusually difficult for usually spritely women to get their asses’ outta bed.

2.   Upon stumbling into work and switching on the computer, I have somehow acquired 40 emails since Friday. Twenty two of which have those annoying “high priority” red flags attached. Ugh. Double ugh.

3.   Because it’s Monday, it’s back to healthy/sensibly eating (consisting of dark green veggies and freshly harvested grains), meaning that four slices of delicious soft cheese, three olives, two delicate sheets of weirdly named but tastily cured Spanish meat and a few (small) glasses of wine does not constitute as “a well balanced meal” between the days of Monday-Friday.

     All of these things contribute to making me feel a bit gloomy and I like to look at things that brighten my mood. Things like ... cats. I know, I know, apparently I am unmarriable because of my preference for furry, whisker wearing things over large, bounding dogs.


Something else uplifting? Wearing my NEW nail varnish! On the weekend I picked up two hues from BYS’s massive wall of colour – it almost makes it harder picking the good from the bad when faced with so much choice. I settled on a muted khaki green/grey suitably named Army Chic and a bright orangey/red called Coral Sea.

Army Chic - Looks a bit like Chanel's Khaki Vert yes? But about 1/8 of the price!

Coral Sea

RRP: $4 - Available from K-mart

At $4 a bottle these babys are well worth their weight in gold coins. Army Chic came out highly pigmented in one coat and I honestly could have left it at that however a double slick of colour, clear top coat and few drops of OPI's Drip Dry added some depth and a flawless looking finish with zero streaking.  I haven’t tried Coral Sea out properly yet except for one nail however it too looked highly desirable.
One tip I will give you is to make sure to try out the tester of the colour you are eyeing as some of the neon ones were very transparent.

Army Chic in the flesh ... You know how some people get told they have the hands of a piano player? Well I'm not one of them so I apologise for my dismal hand modelling skills.