Thursday, January 27, 2011

Will the blondes in the back row please stand up

Before you go rushing into your hairdressers asking for a block colour semi to fight the effects of too much summertime saltwater, sun exposure, chlorine and being far too lazy social to maintain weekly treatments, check out these pink pouted/honey-hue tressed vixens.

Image courtesy of They All Hate Us

Now, hair like THIS doesn’t come easy, and YES they most definitely would have had a hair stylist on hand to help them look this delightful, but there is a way to cheat this, “my hair is oh-so-shiny even though I'm blonde, don’t you just want to run your fingers through it?” look at home.
Schwarzkopf Extra Care 10 Carat Shine Gloss Finish Spray. This stuff is genius! Just brilliant and sooo easy to use. If like me, you have straight annoyingly flat hair, spray this wonder gloss onto towel dried hair and comb through to ensure even distribution before styling as usual (applying onto dry hair is just plain silly for us flatheads as it will look all greasy like you didn’t just spend 45 minutes washing and drying to goddess like perfection).
For those of you with some enviable curl, tame that mane per your normal routine then spritz 10 Carat Spray sparingly from 20-30cm away and watch your hair sparkle as heads turn in your wake.

RRP: $8.99

Available at Priceline for just nine clams, this prod is a steal and extremely easy way to attain perfect-girl-hair for a night.

So tell me beauties, do you have any fail-proof remedies for making your hair shine?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


You’d have to be unconscious not to have noticed  the influx of leopard print clothes and accessories stomping the sidewalks, and taking up most of the rack space at Sportsgirl (selfish or what!) as we made our way through 2010.

Breezing on into the New Year, my leopard lustings are still alive and badgering me to feed them, even though they just had a vintage bangle and raw silk scarf. Here's some leopard inspo I’m seriously coveting today.
This last one is of me doing my best impression of 'daytime-leopard' at
 Sunset Sounds 2009. Images courtesy of We Heart It, Oracle Fox, Polyvore and Moi.