Saturday, February 12, 2011

New York City, where the girls are mean but oh so pretty.

Ain’t that the truth! Most of us got our first eyeful of New York thoroughbred, Ms Olivia Palermo (don’t think she’d be cool with me calling her Liv just yet) as the Hermes toting, LV wearing, eye rolling biatch on Hill’s spin-off, The City (2008). Despite her mean-girl persona, Palermo quickly became the darling of the fashion world for her impeccable style and flawless hair and makeup. These recent shots of her in Spanish magazine, Vanidad, clearly show why her look is coveted by thousands of fashionistas and bloggers alike worldwide.

Images courtesy of Hills Freak blog.

A key component to attaining (and maintaining) a flawless finish to your makeup like Palermo, is making sure it stays in place all day without sliding off or becoming oily and patchy looking – a huge no-no for any self-respecting socialite. This can be easily achieved with a translucent setting powder. I currently adore Inika Mineral Setting Powder, which really works to keep oily skin matte during the balmy Australian summer. With a loose powder texture containing mica and calcium, this powder can be applied prior to foundation to absorb excess oil and diminish the appearance of large pores, or applied after foundation for shine control that sets foundation to leave a matte finish.
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Hot tip: When I’ve completed my makeup I also like to apply a very thin layer over my bronzer, blush, illuminator and all to set everything into place – Just don’t use too much as the fine consistency of the powder can build up in the tiny lines of your face making them look much more pronounced then usual.