Monday, April 4, 2011

Apologies my darlings ...

Dear Parlour and Looters,
I do realise I have been neglecting you of late and for this I am terribly sorry. I started a new job a few weeks ago and am now learning the not-so-easy art of juggling two PR/Media jobs at once, writing a blog, doing freelance work, maintaining a social life (and its required attendance at good friends birthday celebrations), managing THREE twitter accounts off my iPhone4 – two of which are for work and giving Dallas all the love, care and attention he totally deserves even though his attitude stinks.
I’m off to Sydney tomorrow for our media launch of the new products and won’t be home till the weekend as I’m going to stay an extra night and visit my Sydneysiding sis (we’re going to Ms G’s in Potts Point for dinner Friday can’t wait it’s meant to be delish!). I promise to write a proper post by next Monday. IF I don’t deliver you can vote me off the island. In the mean time, here’s a list of things I’m frothing over right now in no particular order, genre or species.

Remember Wednesday Addams?

HOT. I love a strong brow!

Almond Magnum

Good lordy these are DIVINE, the ultimate treat. 

Individual fake eyelash home jobs

I’m not thrilled that this image is super fugly and I look like a booze hag, BUT with my eyes downcast in such a timid manner (HA) you get a really good view at the goods and my handiwork – which appears to be a tad stingy on my inner left lash. 1000Hour Individual lashes (if you were wondering) and I will definitely be posting on this next week.

Dallas the man.

What can I say? It’s lurvvvvv.