Thursday, November 17, 2011

I got Lobbed!

1.       Lob
A long bob. Tis a bob that extends past the chin skimming the shoulders and collar bones. In the beauty industry this is known as the "lob." This length allows more opportunities for various hair styles. Made famous by Olivia Palermo.

I think it’s fair to say that for someone who loves following a great beauty trend, I’m a little late jumping on the Lob bandwagon. Why I waited so long I know not (I mean it’s such a fun bandwagon to be on, lots of shiny haired Lobby vixens flicking their dos’ about and asking Olivia and Lara Bingle for fashion tips).
A few weeks ago I finally decided to chop off my signature long, goldeny hair and replace my former mane with something a bit more grown-up, chic and easy to look after. You could say I got Lobbed!
Here's me with my old mane.

Having spent over a decade with long hair I found the first snip of the scissors quite terrifying. After all I had a lot of memories (read: favourite hairstyles – beach waves, side braids, voluminous buns) attached to that hair that I would no longer be able to perform A.L (After Lob) however the metaphorical and literal weight off my shoulders felt extremely freeing and I love the end result.
My ends look and feel incredibly thick, healthy and shiny. I mean when you think about it my old, long ends had been hanging about getting dry, brittle and scraggly for a good ten years – ewwww!
 So here was the end result ... 

I asked for a modern, blunt cut that was very slightly longer in the front and outer layers so that the hair would gently curve in rather than flicking out in a terrifying 90’s, layered way. This length is perfect for me as I can still whip it into a ponytail or top knot.
I’m currently caring for and styling my new Lob with: L’Oreal Intensive Repair Shampoo and Conditioner, Kerastase Chroma Thermique, David Babaii for Wildaide Bohemian Beach Spray, Kerastase Volumising Mask, L’Oreal Professional Volume Rich Techni Art Mousse and Moroccan Oil Light.
So tell me your thoughts beauties, have you ever had a kinda dramatic hair change and loved it? Or have you gone for it and hated the end result? (I had a cringe worthy incident in 2005 when I decided to dye my hair the darkest of dark browns and dad told me I looked like a goth but that's a story for another time!)