Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Getting lippy like Drew Barrymore circa 1992 in Poison Ivy

Please tell me you’ve seen this flick? The hair, the clothes, the makeup - so much to feast your eyes on!  As promised (two weeks ago – sorry) this post is dedicated to the luscious berry lip phase I’m going through. Ok, so I know this trend is nothing new, but for me it’s a huge leap from the coral and nude lipstick world I call home.

Now lets look at some berry lipped team mates.

While it is undeniable that Drew is killing it with that cranberry pout, it does look quite dry and not in a cool “bright-matte-lips” way but more, “this lippy’s getting crusty and making my lips feel like shrivelled prunes” way.

And here's Lauren Conrad, taking a modern twist on the trend. Her lips look anything but dull, in fact, they look like juicy plums mmm ... 
I went to Good Vibes music festival a few weekends ago with a group of friends, and maybe it was the floppy felt hat I could hide behind that gave me the boost I needed to try it out, but either way I was happy with my cherry-soaked pout. It also seems very appropriate seeing as it’s now official autumn; the perfect transeasonal  time for honing your winter-lust looks.

On my way to see Phoenix and Kelis! 
When trying out a new makeup trend I often like to start out with an inexpensive version and work my way up to the high-end brands as my obsession grows – yeah I live on the EDGE. I’ve bought three dark hued lippys in the last week and a half. Yes ma'am I have a problem.
It started innocently enough with a stroll into my local Price Line where I purchased Face of Australia’s Lip Quench Moisturising Lipstick SPF 30+ in Ruby Delight ($9.45). Two days later I upgraded to Revlon’s ColourBurst in Plum ($23.95) then yesterday I succumbed to MAC’s Original Lippy in Hang-up ($35.00).To be honest there’s not a huge difference in "feel" between the three, although the pigment in MAC's was a bit richer and stayed put for longer. If you're smart, you’ll just buy one because chances are you’ll look back at a picture of yourself in ten years time and think, “Why the F did Sarah/Betty/Gertrude let me out of the house with stripper/goth lipstick smeared on my trap?” Just joshin’ you’ll be blaming me!

 MAC's Hang-up, available at Myer RRP: 35 clams

So what's the verdict dolls? Are you tempted to give this red-wine-soaked lips thing a go? Any other looks your dying to whip out in time for winter?