Sunday, December 12, 2010

Holy stone fruit, it's Summer

Growing up in North Queensland in the early 90s it’s fair to say I have a penchant for a particular shade of fuchsia, pedal pushers and picking (read: stealing) fruit from  my neighbour’s trees. Peaches, plums, avocados and mangos! These sun-warmed delights were well worth the scratches on my 10-year-old knees from climbing over the back fence.

Fast-forward fifteen years. I’ve swapped the pedal pushers for pencil skirts and if I’m talking about plum or mango  you can bet your last icy pole I’m talking about how, “that cherry coloured lip stain will really bring out the ‘burnt caramel’ hues,” in my friend Shay’s fading balayage.

There’s just something about summer time that screams, “PUT AWAY THAT NUDE MAKES-YOU-LOOK-LIKE-YOU-DON’T-HAVE-A-PULSE LIP GLOSS AND TRY A POP OF COLOUR!”  It’s this internal monologue running through my head each time I “put my face on” (Like Donna the 53-year-old Keno player at the bowls club) that brings me to why I’m harping on about colours that are usually only found in fruit salad.

The Innoxa Couleurs D’ete Summer Matte Collection boasts a delightful shade of tangerine aptly named Sunset, which is everything a bright lipstick should be – matte yet creamy. Mmmm.

Infused with moisturising jojoba oil, this baby doesn’t get all nasty and flakey mid-afternoon but instead leaves your lips feeling full, smooth and luscious hours after application. And the bonus of being brave enough to wear a bright lippy? Your teeth look whiter and your (fake, of course) tan looks deeper.  Ahhh beauty trickery what would I do without you?

This little gem comes in twelve delectable fruity shades and only costs a measly $14.95!  Way less than a real sunset costs. I kid, I kid. On a more serious note; this is a limited edition prod, so put down the knitting and get yourself to the shops ASAP because I have a feeling they won’t last much longer than Heidi Montag’s “acting” career.

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