Monday, February 21, 2011

Tangerine dreaming and a healthy dose of silver

There’s nothing I like more than an orangey/burnt-tangerine polish to bring out the leftover traces of a summer tan. Here is an example featuring my stumpy, undelicate childlike hand and my favourite lion-creature ring I picked up in Bali last July.

 Image courtesy of my iphone
When rockin’ the orange talons and golden skinned look ‘tis much better to stick with silver jewellery, so that one does not end up looking like a “working girl” from Atlantic City.
Sportsgirl is doing some amaze-a-balls silver boho pieces at the moment that work just divinely for dressing up an otherwise plain (and maybe boring) black dress. Starting at around a $30 price point I was thrilled w/ the selection on display and fell in love with this silver and turquoise necklace that reminds me of one of those Native American dream catchers you hang above the bed. 

Sportsgirl Aztec Turquoise Pendant RRP: $29.95, Rimmel polish in Tangerine Queen
RRP: $5.95 (Please excuse the face! I felt like an even bigger tool smiling).

On another note, even though it's still SUPER humid on the coast today, following on from New York Fashion Week's (Feb 10-17) Fall/Winter looks I got a bit excited and tried a berry coloured lipstick on the weekend. This was quite a big step for me as I usually favour a dark eye over a dark lip. Stay tuned in the next few days for a post on that experiment!

What about you beauties? Anyone been trying out any new looks lately? Please, share with the class.

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  1. Babe I love that nail polish, it's like the nail equiv of MAC's Morange lippy haha <3 Meggy x