Thursday, October 27, 2011

Trending: South of the Border

Hola amigos! Sorry it has been soooo long between tequila shots, oh how I've missed you. I am THRILLED to be back in action at P & L headquarters after a crazy-busy few months at work.
So, on to the reason we are all here. Every now and then you see a look/trick/trend that is so inspiring you just have to "have a crack" (what an awful expression) at emulating it. Having witnessed the Aztec inspired ombre eyeshadows, nail art, hair feathers, bags and prints and that have been popping up on blogs and in magazines for the best part of 2011 I decided to stop resisting and give in to my inner Aztec.
Here’s a visual reference to what I’m talking about ...

Maybe it’s because summer is just around the corner but I am seriously diggin’ the quirky prints and carefree, mismatched colour schemes.
I decided to get a little crafty and try out some Aztec-inspired nail art on my paws and this was the end result.

I used Face of Australia Brights Nail Enamel in “Show Pony” for the blue, BYS Basic Colour Collection in “Coral Sea” for the orangey/red, Sportgirl’s Nail It in “Milkshake” for the earthy brown and BYS Nails Art Lacquers in Black and White for the detailing. (All of these polishes are under $8 each!)
As you can see I got a bit excited and applied my clear top coat too soon streaking all my hard work! Meowwww L
Hint: This requires a very steady hand, attempt before your morning caffeine fix.
What are your thoughts beauties? Do you love or loathe the Aztec trend?


  1. wow, what an awesome effort! I don't think I would ever have the patience or the skill to attempt that, but it looks really good!

  2. Aww thanks chic! I was so bummed I streaked it at the end :( oh well ... fun to mix it up but defs a bit of a pain to do.

  3. I adore the aztec trend <3 sort of hippy chic :)