Tuesday, December 6, 2011

WANTED: Neon Pastel “French” Manicure

Would you look at this manicure! How totally adorable without being over the top. I will be recreating this design ASAP using the following prods.

For the base I would go with a classic opaque nudey/pink like OPI’s "Bubble Bath” (every beauty ed’s go-to colour) RRP: $19.95 available from beauty salons and David Jones.

A crucial element to creating this look is making sure it’s neat. You can only get away with multi-coloured tips without looking like a tranny if everything else is looking perfect – this means well oiled, pushed back cuticles (I like CND cuticle oil), buffed nails and using french manicure tape to create perfect half moon shaped tips. I'll be using Manicare French Tip Tapes RRP: $3.25 available at Priceline and Myer. Obviously wait until your base coat is complete dry before applying the tape, I’d even do it the night before just to be safe!

Now for the fun part ... picking the tip colours! Australis has some very pretty shades including “Sweet Pea” a lovely minty green, and “Peek-A-Boo” a creamy pastel purple both RRP: $7.95 available at Target, Kmart, Big W, Priceline and selected pharmacies.

Nicole OPI in “Fresh Squeezed” – a juicy looking bright orange RRP: $14.95 available from Terry White Chemists.

BYS is doing some amazing Pastel Nail Polish hues right now. My picks are “Prima Ballerina” a milky coral/pink and "Anyone For Tennis" a hot acid green RRP: $4 available from Cosmetics Plus.

DIY nail art is MASSIVE right now albeit super time consuming! What are your thoughts ladies? Would you spend the better part of an hour decorating your talons for a holidays party or just cough up the $$$ for a professional nail job?


  1. I'm really rubbish at nail art, but I think I could probably do this! The pastel tips are super cute.

  2. Nice way to incorporate some colour for summer :)

  3. these are adorable!!!!

    PS. I nominated you for a liebster blog award :)

  4. this looks fabulous! nice twist on the classic french manicure :)

    - http://theadornation.wordpress.com/

  5. That is mega cute! I don't like normal French manis, but I love a crazy take on a French mani (my brain, it is weird...) :D

  6. Thanks Tegan! Sorry for my super late response didn't check my blog the whole time I was away in Europe.

  7. Totally agree a traditonal French Mani is snoresville! Colour all the way :)

  8. Hi,

    I have used this post of yours to write one of mine. Have linked it back.

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  9. Oh cool, thanks for the link Arpita :)