Thursday, April 5, 2012

Winged Eyeliner Made Easy (or at least achievable)

Lauren Conrad - the queen of winged eyeliner.
Sounds like a simple enough concept right? However, according to my female friends, colleagues and family members this is one of the most daunting makeup looks one can attempt when standing in front of the bathroom mirror preparing for a night out.
This is a terrible shame beauties as few things make a woman look as pulled together and chic with just a hint of seductiveness as a well-winged eye.
Luckily, you don’t need to be a liquid liner pro or a make up artist to achieve this look. I’m going to talk you through it step by step and show you how easy it really is!
·         black gel liner pot
·         thin angled brush
·         black liquid liner
·         volumising mascara
·         cue tips
·         eye makeup remover

 Suggested Prods:

M.A.C Fluidline in “Blacktrack” RRP: $32 available from major department stores or online at

M.A.C Small Angle Brush 266 RRP: $39 available from major department stores or online at

Face of Australia Liquid Eyeliner in “Black” RRP: $8.95 available from Priceline, Kmart and Big W  Australia wide. (I love this budget friendly find as the ultra-fine applicator creates precise definition to the shape of the eye.)

Diorshow Mascara in “Black” RRP: $52 available from major department stores and selected pharmacies.

Gently run your angled brush through the gel liner pot then remove any excess product by gently wiping on a tissue.
Starting at the inner corner of the eye, gently drag the brush along the lashline to the outer corner. You can do this in short strokes if you prefer.
Don’t make things more difficult for yourself - rest your elbow on a counter in front of your mirror. This will give you a steadier hand because the only movement possible will be at the wrist.
Then imagine an invisible line from the outside corner of your eye to the end of your eye brow. That becomes the angle for the wing/flick. With light brush strokes, slowly draw the wing at that angle.
Tip 1: The harder you press down on the brush, the thicker the line will be. This goes for liquid eyeliner too.
Now, using your liquid eyeliner, slowly and gently draw a second line over your gel liner handiwork.
By adding a second coating in the form of liquid you are defining the line without having to worry so much about getting the thickness of the line and angle of the wing correct. It also adds extra staying power as it dries over the first “gel’ line, setting it into place.
Ideally your liner should be a its thinnest in the inner corner of the eye and become gradually thicker towards the outer corner (achieve this by applying more pressure).
Tip 2: If your wing is too fat or slightly wonky, clean up the line with a cue tip soaked in a little eye makeup remover.  
Add two lashings of a volumising mascara to your top and bottom lashes and VOILA! Winged eyeliner perfection.

My handiwork.

If you have any other tips or tricks I’d love to hear them.

Coral kisses,

P & L x

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