Thursday, May 19, 2011

The other way to be chubby ...

While on my lunch break the other day I somehow managed to stumble in to PRICELINE, which is a HUGE no-no as I have this stooo-pid blind spot when it comes to the big P and always manage to convince myself it’s totally O.K to buy beauty products from there ‘cause it’s, “cheap as chips man”.
Wrong, soooo wrong!
I usually end up leaving with: a Rimmel lipstick (just to see if I can pull off a blue based red), an Australis polish (because they do great on trend hues), a Natio concealer (it gets really expensive buying the Laura Mercier and YSL ones all the time!), a Revlon gloss (love their punchy bright colours) and some Klorane dry shampoo (this stuff is soooo dope – much better then Batiste). As you can imagine the total bill winds up being around 80 clams. Good one Tess!
But not this time, joy! THIS time I wandered into my local P and quickly made a beeline for something looking suspiciously like Clinique’s famed Chubby Stick which is basically a short, stubby looking lip “pencil” that applies like a gloss but looks like a sheer lipstick.

Models Prefer Ultra Lipgloss Pencil in Cocktail Hour RRP: Approx $6-$7
This copycat specimen I had spied (with my liquid linered eye HA!) was actually the Models Prefer Ultra Lipgloss Pencil. Now they don’t seem to have a website, well they do but it redirects you to a new website that’s called something different entirely (WTF?) so I can’t confirm the price as I lost my receipt but I believe it retailed at $6.95ish uhh score. I went for a deep plummy shade called Cocktail Hour and let me say, don’t let the cheap price fool you. This nifty little buy comes in five shades – all quite pretty, but Cocktail Hour really did it for me. The colour is rich and vibrant yet sheer enough to wear to work without worrying about getting it on your teeth. Definitely a cheap and fabulous alternative to the Chubby Stick. Minor downside was that it doesn’t having amazing staying power (approx 1-2 hours) but hey at about $7 a pop I ain’t sweating it as my lips looked just delightful during those two hours.

My smackers all dolled up
I also ended up getting the 6-sided nail file to: 1) shorten, 2) file, 3) even out, 4) smooth, 5) buff, 6) shine and some blotting tissues (which made my day since The Body Shop has stopped making theirs which I loved for years). And I got all three products for under $20 pretty impressive I’d say.

My Models Prefer loot!

 See! Cheryl did a plummy/red pout at Cannes just last week

What do you say Parlour and Loot readers, do you get sucked in by Priceline’s wily ways?
Have you tried any other imitation Chubby Sticks?

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